Non-Profit Work

Writing for a non-profit presents challenges not found in other types of commercial copywriting – a typical commercial venture focuses on selling goods and services (“I want”), while a non-profit must convince the public to share in its mission and values (“I believe”). 

Non-profit communications must be warm, transparent, and compelling; they must convey a clear sense of urgency, with calls to action designed to elicit an immediate response. This kind of writing requires a deep understanding of the organization’s goals and strategies, its target populations, and any relevant cultural touchstones.

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COVID-19 Response

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I developed messaging to reassure stakeholders of our organization’s commitment to health and safety. Later, I served as the communications lead of the Dwares JCC’s building-reopening team.

On that team, I worked closely with the heads of the JCC’s public-facing departments to develop safe reopening strategies. The internal and external messaging I created reasserted the JCC’s dedication to our members’ health, while my communications plans ensured that our safety efforts were visible throughout the community.

Press & Public Relations

Press and public relations are critical elements of any non-profit’s community outreach and donor-engagement activities. It’s important to let stakeholders know that they’re being heard, and to keep them informed about where their money goes, as doing so grows their personal and financial investment in the organization. By using press and public relations channels to promote its efforts and reach out to a larger audience, an organization may benefit from exposure to new audiences and their resources.