Art & Other Projects

I’ve always loved art; I find it inspirational, transformative, and necessary. Growing up surrounded by working artists, some of my earliest lessons were about how art can make us think and feel, and how it allows us to ask questions about ourselves and our world.

I approach my art with heart and mind in equal measure, and my ability to combine both logic and creativity has helped me to discover new techniques and succeed at complex challenges. I’m driven to find creative solutions, and I’m always thrilled to find an answer. I count my attention to detail as a major asset, but I also know when to put the work down and say, “good enough.”

Design & Art Direction

I built Phase Shift GamesAge of Heroes setting from the ground up. I wrote the histories and myths of “The Known Lands,” along with the unique characteristics, politics, and cultures of a dozen fantasy races. This work forms the basis of the style sheets that continue to guide the company’s artists in maintaining a consistent look and feel across multiple projects and design motifs. The characters pictured above were illustrated according to my guidelines.

I’ve also written and directed several promotional videos, two of which can be found below.
L: A “Welcome Back” video scripted for the Jewish Alliance’s COVID-19 reopening.
R: An Age of Heroes story I wrote and directed, voiced by the very talented Eric Summerer.

On the editorial side, I often work very closely with graphic designers. The trust I’ve built with these professionals has made it easy for them to incorporate my feedback on layout, design, and iconography. Working collaboratively, we have been able to make better, more user-friendly products. This collaboration can be seen across my portfolio, but especially in my work for Quined Games and Petersen Games.

Personal Art

"106 Circles," 2020. Pencil & ink on paper
Detail of "106 Circles," 2020. Pencil & ink on paper

Although I make art solely for my own enjoyment, it hasn’t stopped me from taking a few commissions here and there. I create as a form of meditation, but I’m happy to have something to show for it afterwards. My work is presented here as a way to show another side of my creativity and attention to detail.

Nature Photography


Miniature Painting

Polymer Clay Canework

Custom Inserts and Foamcore