Since the beginning of 2019, I’ve been a regular contributor to Jewish Rhode Island, a monthly newspaper with a strong online presence and a monthly print circulation of nearly 10,000. While I specialize in writing interviews and personal profiles, I frequently produce additional content in a variety of categories and styles.

To date I have written more than 50 pieces for the paper, including a number of uncredited briefs; my work has appeared in more than 20 consecutive editions. I also regularly edit, fact-check, and proofread each month’s issue prior to print. I’ve linked some of my favorite pieces below; to see more of my work, click here.

Arts & Entertainment

  • The Havdalah Garden – how to grow fragrant gardens that bring peace to the home
  • Beyond Tzimmes – equal parts memoir, recipe, and research; all delicious!
  • Nancy Katz – a conversation with a local artist about her upcoming community art project
  • Coming Attraction – exploring Jewish and feminist themes in a new play about Greta Garbo

Interviews & Profiles

  • Dr. Michael Fine – an interview with the author, healthcare visionary, and former director of the Rhode Island Department of Public Health; a second conversation can be found here
  • Deena Liffmann – a profile of Providence’s 85-year-old, top-rated TripAdvisor tour guide
  • Larry Berman – a Q&A with the communications director for the RI House of Representatives
  • Zachary & Shari Weinberger – a portrait of a Rhode Island arts and business “power couple”

News & Features