About Me

Yes, this is me!

Hi, I’m Mike! I’m passionate about words, and I love my work as a writer and editor. I believe in the power of words and their ability to inform and inspire our lives. Writing is a joyful experience, and I thrill at the challenge of creating world-class copy.

Producing clear, high-quality work is important to me not just personally and professionally, but also because I frequently work with overseas partners. My clients rely on me to prepare their documents for the global market, and they use my copy as a template for translation into other languages.

On the domestic (US) side of things, I’m located in beautiful Rhode Island (hence my URL). I’ve written for clients all around the country, and across a range of industries and formats. Many of my clients crowdfund their projects, and as of this writing I have written for Kickstarter campaigns whose revenues total more than $4.3 million. My clients trust my expertise, and so can you.

I’m always interested in taking on new projects. Please feel free to drop me a line at MBSchemaille@Gmail.com; I’d love to talk about your needs and discuss ways for us to work together!